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Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

Articulate Solution is Leading Website Development Company in India. We offer all website development solution. Our website developers have expertise in all type of website development. In website development we offer Static Website Development and Dynamic website development.  We provide best website development service in India.

As we are leading website Development Company in India have professional website developers and designers to provide good service to the clients. Whether you have Small Scale or Large Scale business we will provide websites for all business according to their budget.  




Web Development Company India Offers two types of Website Development service in India:

Static Website Development in India

It’s a website that delivers or showcases same content whenever visited. A static website or a webpage may be a collection of texts, images, and other multimedia components that are created using Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), which is stored on a web server. Articulate Solution offers Static Website Development service over the globe.

Static Website Development in India, Features

  1. Static websites are mainly used with the purpose to deliver a standard and a fix information to the users system through web servers.
  2. No matter who, but all the users will see the same content and same features of the website at any given time.
  3. Static pages are created using HTML but not all HTML pages are static. Some pages could be dynamic too.
  4. Static sites are appropriate if only a certain fixed information or same content needs to be delivered which does not requires frequent updates or changes.

Benefits of A Static Website

Static websites have numerous advantages including:

  1. Search engines like Google like static websites as it loads very fast and allows a user to see the content in a fraction of seconds.
  2. It is easy for search engines to index static WebPages which may help in ranking in SERP.
  3. It is easy to handle static website pages. Furthermore, every page on the site can have different layout so as to meet the content requirements.
  4. These websites can easily open even if connection is slow.
  5. The time taken to build a static website is less when compared with dynamic sites.
  6. The cost of static site is much lower than that of a dynamic website.

Static websites have the capability to represent the content in a powerful and impressive manner. These types of websites are suitable if there is no regular or frequent updates required and it is required just to mark an online presence or showcase purpose.


Dynamic Website Development In India

These websites have web pages that contain the information which changes every time a user visits it. The content presented on the site varies with the viewer, time zone, native language, duration of the day and much more. Articulate Solution offers Dynamic Website Development service over the globe.

The dynamic websites have 2 types of web pages:

  1. Server Side Scripting is used every time a user loads or visits a web page. On these pages, server side content is generated only when a page loads. Web pages like login form page, shopping carts, submission forums, etc. use server side scripting as the information on these pages change as per the details submitted.
  2. Client Side Scripting is used on the pages which responds or changes the content based on the user action through mouse or keyboard. These pages generate client side content based on the users’ system rather than server. The content is generated via web browsers by processing the code embedded in the web pages after downloading it from the server.

Features of Dynamic Website Development in India

There are numerous features of dynamic website including:

  1. Page management becomes extremely easy as you get various templates and forms to add and update content.
  2. Creation of guestbook is possible. The site owner can collect user data like name, email address, comment, etc. using a guestbook.
  3. Introduction of search facility on a dynamic website. A user can easily search the content required by typing the search query instead of crawling through each and every page.
  4. Content Management involving multimedia, files, etc. can be included in the webpages. Custom filters can be added to allow the content to be manipulated.

Advantages of Dynamic Website

Dynamic website comes with benefits like:

  1. Updating content on the existing pages instead of creating new pages every time.
  2. Dynamic websites can be made responsive to a user behavior and also to a particular screen size.
  3. It offers a smooth navigation and allows a user to jump from one page to another with just a click.

E-commerce Website

E-commerce website creates a digital platform that allows for online commerce. Broadly, ecommerce states any transaction that takes place online or digitally. These websites provide the functionality which allows a user to buy or sell a service or product online.