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Web Portal Development Company

Web Portal Development Company

Web Portal Development Company

Articulate Solution is Leading Web Portal Development Company in India. We offer all Web Portal development solution. Our Web Portal developer’s team has expertise in all type of Software development. We provide best Web Portal development service in India.

An online portal is a website that is designed to showcase information from numerous sources like emails, search engines, forums, etc. in the most uniform way possible. Each of these services has its own specific space on a website. However, which service a user needs to display depends on the project.

Displaying of content in a uniform way depends on the diversity of content available, intent of a user and the purpose of search.

Few examples of portals basically that provides login experience are

  • Patient Portal
  • Student Portal
  • Knowledge Management Portal
  • Government Portal
  • Vendor Portal
  • Intranet / Workplace Portal

There are multiple reasons why small sized enterprises need portal, few of them are:

  • Office on multiple places
  • Employees working from home or field
  • To allow information visibility to a greater extent
  • In order to provide IT licensing option
  • For managing suppliers and channel retailers

With the purpose to fetch information from one place by various departments through multiple resources SMEs need online portal. Some of the popular web portals popular are:

  • Sales Portal
  • HR Portal
  • Membership Portal
  • CRM Portal
  • Corporate Portal
  • Project Management Portal
Types of Online Portal

Basically there are 2 types of online portals available in the market which includes:

  1. Vertical – This type of portal focuses on particular needs such as HR, finance and accounts, service management, CRM, warehouse management or ERP. It allows the users to edit and contribute towards the processes in which they are involved.

A customer web portal developed for the client and business could help a supplier to add, update and delete order details from the application or online portal.

  1. Horizontal – This type of online portal shows the average data from numerous apps. A user does not need to login to the portal to view the data.

Like a managerial reporting online portal could help in setting the KPIs and display it to the team members. In these type of portals, a general user can only view and generate report from the given information but cannot write or edit the data.